UK Mint 1981 Commemorative Royal Wedding Coin of Prince Charles and Lady Princes

UK Mint 1981 Commemorative Royal Wedding Coin of Prince Charles and Lady Princes

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UK 1981 Commemorative Royal Mint Wedding Coin of
Prince Charles and Lady Princess Diana Description:

UK 1981 Commemorative Royal Wedding Coin of Prince Charles and Lady Princess Diana Crown which is a large coin.

The coin is in very good condition as per the photo’s you will receive the exact item in a protective plastic wallet.

The text on the coin is as follows:


on the reverse side:  “ELIZABETH II” “D.G.REG.F.D.” 
 You will receive the exact item that is pictured below. If you have any questions please ask prior to making your purchase.
There may be more photo’s may be available in the eBay gallery for you perusal at higher definition.
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9.4 Notes (comments) in PayPal will not be accepted.
9.5 Parts of Ireland & The Channel Islands are not class as part of the UK mainland as such will not be eligible for free shipping where it may apply, as such I reserve the right to charge for the shipping and handling under section 10.1 should Your item be  following postcodes in section 9.7.
9.6 Where offered Free UK postage does not apply to section 9.7.
9.7 IV, HS, KA27-28, KW, PA20-49, PA60-78, PH17-26, PH30-44, ZE, BT, IM, TR21-25.

10. Packaging & Labelling:
10.1 You are duty bound to pay for any shipping or handling incurred that may be required to ensure the consignment may be dispatched in a secure manner. I reserve the right to change courier & upgrade the postage at any time without notice to Yourself, further charges may apply.
10.2 I will send the goods ordered by You the purchaser, to the address You supply Ebay which is a confirmed address by PayPal, which also forms part of the legally binding contract.
10.3 You are expected to receive the consignment in good time so that they do not deteriorate, I cannot be held responsible for delays by the level of service upon which You selected. The onus is upon You to request a level of service if not currently presented.
10.4 Should You require a next day delivery this should be arranged or selected prior to committing to Your purchase.
10.5 Loss or damage caused by a delay that You are responsible for will be at Your risk and cost.
10.6 I will pack and label the consignment so as to comply with all the legislation and requirements.
10.7 You also accept You will receive the goods as arranged and not break the trust I place in You by failing to make arrangements to obtain your consignment in good time. 11. Transit Time:
11.1 You accept that the transit time can vary considerably based on the destination, method and courier all of which are beyond my control to which You will not hold me accountable.
11.2 You will excise section 12.4 prior to which You will allow up to 14 days before reporting an item as missing or item not received to myself or the courier.

12. Receipt of Consignment:
12.1 Your item may require a signature to confirm that You have taken receipt of the consignment.
12.2 If the item does not have a signature the consignment will be deemed as being received by and accepted by You, which is classed as standard delivery which is without a Tracking Reference Number.
12.3 Your signature confirms that You have checked and accepted the consignments contents are as they should and free of damage upon receipt. You will not pursue any claim or request a refund through PayPal from Myself thereafter, as the item will be deemed item as described in the auction as the consignment has been checked and accepted by You.
12.4 For any reason if You are unavailable to accept the consignment, then the consignment will be held at Your local Mail sorting office of the courier that was used and will be waiting for collection by You, to which You will be liable under section 12.5. Note: Royal Mail only holds such mail for a mail for 18 days, however the Royal Mail need 2 days to process a redelivery, which means You in effect have only 16 days to collect Your consignment.
12.5 In such advent where by an item is not collected, You accept the responsibility for the full cost of the item and postage to Yourself, to which there will be no refund as there is no returns available, which is clearly stated in the auction and under section 13.1.
12.6 Any cost incurred by You for collecting item from the depot is purely at the cost of the You the buyer.
12.7 When Royal Mail or any other courier company places a charge on at the time of the delivery it will be down to the recipient to pay for this to ensure the item is received in good time to prevent loss or damage to the therein.

13. Returns:
13.1 As stated at the top of the auction page below the price it clearly states there is No   Returns meaning that no item will be accepted as a return by You.
13.2 I reserve all rights to refuse any return.
13.3 Once You have committed to the purchase of the item You accept there is no cancellation available thereafter.
13.4 Clear photographic evidence will be required of the item (s) & label of packaging prior a return even being considered.  In such event that I have accept or requested a return of the consignment this must be in the same condition as it was shipped in & returned within 14 days of the dispatched date.
13.5 Any refund will be to You given as: Merchandise Credit less the shipping and Ebay fees.
13.6 In the event that I accept total responsibility a full refund will be given subject to section 13.7.
13.7 In the event the You return an item that was not in the condition upon which it was dispatched to you in, You will be liable under the Fraud Act 2006 Section 2 (1) b (ii) (A Criminal Offence).
13.8 Should You ship an item for return that has not been accepted as a return, You understand that there will be no refund and You agree to transfer of title to myself occurs without charge allowing me to do as I will with the item.
13.9 You agree that upon sending a message by electronic means stating that I can retain the item, I will be then be able to do as I will with the item there after and You will wavier all rights of possession of this item and title of is therefore transferred to myself.
13.10 You accept that all live or perishable goods are non-returnable upon taking receipt on not.
13.11 You accept that any unauthorized returns not accepted by myself or upon cancelling a transaction under any circumstances, You forfeit the right to purchase from me in the future.
13.12 You accept were an item has been used tried or tested why in your possession, item will be deemed as used by You which means the item becomes second-hand from new & third-hand from second hand to which there is no refund or return available to You period. 
13.13 If a replacement is received by You, you will actively seek close any opened cases & to have any feedback removed which falls under section 16.3 left by Yourself.
13.14 In the event that I require the item purchased be recalled without dispute You the Buyer will be expected to pay the returned postage back to me.  

14. Claims:
14.1 You agree that you have the ability and competence to be able to send photo’s in any such event as your requested to do so prior to proceeding with any claim.
14.2 Any false claim to Me or the courier will be subject to the Fraud Act 2006, which will be reported to the Police as a criminal offence.
14.3 An item is not normally deemed as lost until 14 days after the dispatch date.
14.4 You accept not to leave damaging results under the Detailed Seller Ratings or under the feedback forum for items that have been delayed in the post, else You will be subject to clause section 16.3. 

15. Feedback:
15.1 Once You have received Your consignment, please leave Your respective feedback within 30 days, this shows and also confirms to Myself You have received the item.
15.2 I will respond to Your feedback in my own time, this is normally done in bulk at the end of the month to those that have already left feedback, miss the 30 day time frame and You will not receive any feedback from Myself.
15.3 Should you leave Positive, Neutral or Negative Feedback prior to dispatching of the item, I reserve the right not to proceed with the transaction and You agree to send a cancellation notice, to which the transaction may be submitted to Ebay or authorities for further investigation.
15.4 The Buyer must commuicate any issues prior to leaving any form of feedback, so as to allow Myself to respond to resolve a matter that I would be unaware of.
15.5 If a feedback resolution is not available then the Civil Courts will be used as a remedy to have the comment removed, with fees & damages You are willing to accept all costs incurred.

16. Damages:
16.1 You the purchaser are by no means prohibited or restricted from leaving a comment within the Positive, Negative or Neutral ebay feedback forum, however you accept that I reserve the right to bring a claim against You in respect to your comments made, where by a fee under section 16.3, already pre-determined and presented before You committed to the purchase, upon which forms a legally binding contract.
16.2 The fees for You incur are clearly stated and are set at 500 per day, which recur on a daily basis, the fee commencement time from is from when the comment or rating is posted online.
16.3 A fee of 500 per day is the fine that will be imposed upon You the purchaser for any Positive, Negative or Neutral comments left that have an adverse & damaging impact of any new custom, and this also includes poor scoring under the Detailed Sellers Rating (DSR) scheme that is not justified and left in malice toward myself. 
16.4 If you leave a Positive, Negative or Neutral feedback in respect of this transaction a 500.00 fee per day (182,500.00 Per Year), You will be charged for damages in respect of all calumny, libel, defamation of character left & implied by the (You) purchaser.
16.5 You may be offered a free remedy to using the feedback revision process subject to availability, however this is not always available due to the limits placed by Ebay, should you refuse the feedback revision process then it will be deemed you accept to pay the fees laid out in section 16.3.
16.6 Anything published maliciously by You will be deemed as malicious falsehood, all financial losses will be brought against You as a claim through the civil court process. 
16.7 You will also be liable for the fee set out in section 16.3 should there be damaging information provided under the DSR rating within Ebay that has been left in malice and is deemed not to be true.
16.8 Should you leave a comment that is not left in a positive manner, You forfeit the automatic right to purchase from me in the future.
16.9 You agree to pay an admin fee of 45 per correspondence that You require a response to from Myself, or any form of correspondence or communication including telephone, fax or email to any third party will be charged at 120 per hour which will be required to resolve any issue relating to the transaction between Us.
16.10 You agree to pay a fee of 500 in respect to any individual transaction you have undertaken when you have breached the terms of this agreement under section 21.3.
16.11 You agree that you will be charged at a rate of 120 per hour for Myself and any additional attendees having to attending court prior and during the court process consisting of a hearing or trial. Solicitors fees will be in addition to this at their respective rate per hour. 

17. Local Tariff & Taxes:
17.1 If Your country charges for any import tariff or taxes, it is your responsibility as a citizen to pay for it. 
17.2 I will not be liable if Your country’s Customs department detains Your parcel.
17.3 I will not be held liable if your consignment containing your item is damaged, lost or destroyed by your country’s Customs.

18. Communication:
18.1 You the Purchaser accept to be contacted via message forum, email, telephone and by standard mail so as to resolve any matter at hand, so that additional content may be sent to You. This will be used to find a remedy and will not be deemed as harassment. 

19. Data Retention:
19.1 I reserve the right to retain all information in regards to the transaction and You the Purchaser.

20. Cancellation:
20.1 You agree as per the terms of the auction that there are no returns available as stated in section 13.1.
20.2 The Buyer has no right to cancellation of any item once a auction has been won or when the item has been bought using the instant purchasing service.
20.3 However I reserve the right to cancel the transaction at any time and upon my request, you will accept to send over a cancellation should I wish you to cancel the transaction.

21. General:

21.1 If any condition in this document is found to be illegal or otherwise invalid I will remove it immediately. Removing one condition, however, does not invalidate any of the other conditions by which we trade. Upon placing your purchase, You the (Purchaser) hereby agree to the above terms & conditions which when required will be exercised through the English Law Courts to find a remedy.
21.2 You agree that you will not pursue me any financial compensation or take any form of legal action against myself. 
21.3 In such events whereby you may have caused distress through either the feedback form, communication, return or where I have clearly informed You not to purchase form me, please consider yourself & anyone in connection to Yourself (Family, Relatives & Friends) to be barred from purchasing from myself again upon which You and those connected to You are subject to clause section 16.10. 
21.4 No warranty of guarantee is offered on any item once You have purchased from myself & taken receipt.          I will make every attempt possible to resolve the issue if I made a mistake. Please do not assume a mistake is intentional. Please note that I am here to help. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact myself.
 Copyright 2002-  Wayne Sadler – All rights reserved.  Reproduction of any portion of this website’s content is strictly forbidden and subject to change without written permission.        Rev 2.6   

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