Mary and Frederik – The Danish Royal Wedding ‘Rare’ DVD ‘Top Condition (Worldwide)

Mary and Frederik - The Danish Royal Wedding 'Rare' DVD 'Top Condition (Worldwide)

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Mary & Frederik
The Danish Royal Wedding

Australian Release
All Regions DVD
Excellent Condition

“Once upon a time” wrote Hans Christian Andersen in 1835, “there was a Prince who wanted
to marry a princess. Only a real princess would do, so he travelled through all the world to find her”

In a moment of serendipity more than a century-and-a-half later, fate magically brought Andersen’s
fairytale to life when a charming Danish prince met and fell in love with a beautiful girl from a distant
and unknown land.

It was the beginning of one of the greatest love stories of modern times and it captivated the hearts
and minds of millions around the world. Now that unforgettable moment in history when the Princes
true love became a real princess before the eyes of the world is available to keep forever.

This lavishly crafted DVD captures all of the magic and excitement of the fairytale wedding,
including never before seen footage of the engagement day interview with the Royal Couple,
The Royal Gala Dinner at Christiansborg Palace, Arrival at The Danish Parliament
and The Arrival at The Royal Theatre Gala.

The full glory of the wedding and all of the emotion of the heartfelt speeches at the glittering reception
is revealed for the first time with optional English subtitles and commentary.

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