Greenland Scott #520 VF MNH 2008 Royal Wedding Prince Joachim and Marie Cavallier

Greenland Scott #520 VF MNH 2008 Royal Wedding Prince Joachim and Marie Cavallier

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Greenland Scott #520 VF MNH 2008 Royal Wedding Prince Joachim and Marie Cavallier
Greenland Scott #520 VF MNH 2008 Royal Wedding Prince Joachim and Marie Cavallier.  Multiple wins will have shipping combined for a reduced rate. Many of my lots are for stamps that I have multiple copies of.  For that reason, the photo may not be the exact stamp you will receive, particularly with the more common items. Please ask if it is important that you receive the pictured stamp.  I am a 40+ year APS member.  If you have any problems at all with your win, let me know and I’ll fix the problem to the best of my ability. Currency conversion is as of the time the lot was created.  This will vary as rates change daily. Please visit my eBay store for additional items at reasonable prices.  Add additional items now to ship with your auction winnings and save on P&H charges. PromoCardsOnline If you win multiple lots, I will combine shipping charges.  If unsure, please wait for an invoice.       Stamp Conditions, in general, follow the guidelines in Scotts Catalogues: MNH (Mint Never Hinged) – A undamaged stamp with original gum and no evidence of having had a hinge applied to the gum or any other disturbance except perhaps a minor imperfection from the production process (minor gum skip for example).  This may also be used for an unhinged example of a stamp issued without gum (NGAS) but that will be noted in the description. It will also be used for a Precancelled stamp that has not been hinged. Unused – An undamaged stamp with full original gum but with evidence of having had a hinge applied.  This can range from a very minor, barely noticeable mark on the surface of the gum to a piece of the hinge remaining attached to the stamp.  This term is also used for a stamp with disturbance to the gum received after the production process such as paper adherence or moisture damage or glazing from mounts. NGAS – No Gum as issued.  A stamp that was not gummed during the production process and was issued to the public with no gum on the stamp. Stamps from Vietnam and China during the 50’s and 60’s are good examples of this. Used – An undamaged stamp that has received a cancellation either by being on mail introduced into the postal system or received as a favor cancel such as first day cancels or show cancels. Cancelled – I will use this from time to time when the stamp was clearly cancelled to order. That is to say the stamp was cancelled while still in sheet form and released to the public as cancelled.    Any deviation from this will be noted in the listing such as partial gum or any damage to the stamp that is not visible in the scan. Please view the stamp on a full sized monitor.  I have taken much time to make sure that stamps are scanned at many times life size so that any imperfections will show in the scan.  It will also serve to show centering. On common stamps where I have many copies, the scan is representative and may not show the actual stamp being sent.  If this is important to you, please ask before bidding. If you have other specific wants in the country/genre of the item on which you are bidding, let me know and I am willing to list anything I have that you may want. I have thousands of lots that are not listed.        

APS # 073984
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