1923 Photo Bridegroom Supporter Leaving Palace Royal Wedding Duke Original Rare

1923 Photo Bridegroom Supporter Leaving Palace Royal Wedding Duke Original Rare

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1923 Photo Bridegroom Supporter Leaving Palace Royal Wedding Duke Original Rare

Custom label is BRI472809

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Q: Where did all these vintage photos come from?
A: These original vintage photographs are from various news service and newspaper photo archives from locations around the country including: Boston, Detroit, Tampa, Chicago, Denver, Seattle, New Orleans, Milwaukee, Portland, Spokane, and more. I do not copy or reproduce any photographs — every item is a unique vintage piece that was housed in a news archive. 

Q: Will the “Vintage Image Photos” watermark be on my photo when I receive it?
A: No. The watermark is digitally added to prevent online image theft. It is not on the actual photo.

Q. How big is the photo?
A. The size in inches is noted on the little white sticker on the back of most of my photos.

Q: Do you combine shipping and invoices?
A: Multiple photos won on the same seller ID combine automatically through the eBay checkout process. If you encounter problems with this, send me a message via eBay messaging and I will send you an invoice. Due to eBay limitations, I cannot combine items won on my different seller IDs for a single shipping charge.

Q: How quickly do you ship the items once paid?
A: I ship all items within one business day after your payment clears. 

Q: How do you make sure my photograph arrives safely?
A: Have no fear for your package. I will ship your photo with thick cardboard in a large plastic envelope to protect from moisture, with Do Not Bend stamped in large letters.  You will find that my shipping materials are very sturdy and your photo will arrive well protected.  

Q: Can I just download a digital version instead?
A: No, I sell only vintage originals and do not make or distribute any copies, including digital ones.

Q: Can I use this photograph in my book/blog/website?
A: The short answer is no. There is no transfer of copyright for republication or reproduction with these photographs when you purchase them, and only photographs taken before 1923 are currently automatically in the public domain. Permission from the copyright holder, which usually can be identified from the back of each photo, must be sought to republish or reproduce the image for any purpose.

Q: Do you relist items (in case I miss an auction ending)?
A: Auction items that receive no bids are relisted in our store as a fixed-price item and at a higher price than the starting auction price. 

Q. What is the condition of the photo?
A: This vintage photograph is in good used condition and has not been officially rated. 
 Because this photo is from a working newspaper archive, it may have physical imperfections that can include production flaws, hand placed editorial notes, and paste residue. 
The scans you see on the listing are the best indication of condition, as they show the front and back of the individual photo being sold. 
Q: Why do some photos have paint on them and can these photos be cleaned?
A: Some photos were drawn or painted over in news rooms to hide or highlight features. 
This was a common practice in the manipulation of photography before Photoshop.
Some collectors find the painted photos more desirable and ask for those specifically.
If your photo has paint on it and if you choose to remove it, most of the paint can be removed with a baby wipe or a moistened cotton swab. Be careful to only clean the painted part of the photo as photos and moisture do not mix.  

Q: Am I buying an original photo or a wire photo? What is the difference?
A: Most of my photos are original gelatin silver prints made from the negative at the time the photograph was taken. Some are wire photos which were transmitted via telegraph or telephone wires. At the sending station, a typed caption was pasted to the border of the original photo, inserted into the sending machine and transmitted. At the receiving end, the caption information became part of the image. Wire photos are uniquely desirable to collectors. 
They were produced by the cutting edge technology of the time and the markings and stamps provide a chronicle of the American news industry. In many cases, the original photo has been lost or destroyed and wire photos represent the only remaining instance of that image. 
Wire Photos can be identified by:
1. Caption along one border incorporated into the image
2. Poor contrast or sepia toning (varies widely)
3. Credit line or stamp referencing a photo agency – AP, UPI, Wide World, ACME

Thank you for bidding. I appreciate your business and hope you enjoy these classic black and white photos. Please feel free to contact me via eBay messaging with any questions.
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